Self Development: Improve Your Personality in few Way

Self Development: Improve Your Personality in few Way

Motivate Others 

Self Development: We often talk about achieving our goals, but what about the goals of men?  Friends, we all understand that as much as our goals are important to us. The goals of others are important to them.  So why don’t we talk today about what we can do so that we can help our friends, husband/wife or siblings to achieve their goals?  I for simplicity;  Friends, husband, wife, brother, sister, I will address them all as Goal-seeker. 

Self Development Tips

1) By encouraging: 

When someone is pursuing a goal, sometimes self-doubt starts coming in, I will be able to do it or not if I failed.  So, etc.  And in such a situation, if we can remove her self-doubt, encourage her, then it will be a great help.

How to Encourage?

1) Encouraging words by speaking

 2) Motivational books by gift.

3) Inspirational Sites 

4) To use Exhivas on YouTube

5) using the example of Real Life. 


Time is precious. It seems all the time to engage in the way it seems to be – but less or more. So if we get time to save your goal seeker, then definitely he can take it to achieve your goals. For example, Your brother is preparing for any competitive exams. If you have to bear his goals A. Re: If you are tied up your goal session, then you can tidy the time of your goal Seeker. For example, your brother is a.T_ _ _T_, EXTULY, you can take it to work. So do not do it will only save his time. But it will also pay it that will make it a lot of feeling. And this is a blessing good feeling,  self-development

3) By providing

importance of personality development

so most people are mostly predicted and productive. Then if you are working in the well-middle-class families and the hype if they are working alone. If you are living in the middle-class families and hostel. Then if you are doing some goal seeker, it is also difficult to concentrate at work. In this case, you are doing somewhere in the middle-class families and hostel. If so you can go somewhere, people in the middle-class families and Hostel. Sometimes people are doing so much. Therefore, if we can minimize disturbance at work, I think it will also be a big support.  

4) Don’t force: 

Sometimes our goal seeker happens.  It takes to pursue goals. In such a situation, we go and force him to watch a movie with him or to go to the market.  this is wrong.  It is okay to ask once. But if the person in front says “no” or even feels from his body language that he does not want to go then he should not force.  self-development

Actually, at that time we feel that what goes on in half an hour but in reality once the rhythm of doing something breaks. Sometimes even the whole day gets worse, that’s why we should not force anybody to accompany us. Read Also: How to get a true love & Relationship

5) Stay silent: 

Sometimes we are not convinced by what our goal seeker is doing.  Because perhaps we do not consider that goal ourselves achievable. Therefore we are not able to accept the fact that someone else can achieve it.  For example: If someone wants to become a hero then we may find it an impossible task.  Naturally, since we don’t want to see our goal seeker fail, we stop him from doing so, discourage

If he becomes discouraged and quits this work then it is okay, it is clear that there was no fire in it. But if he keeps on working in this goal even after your repeated persuasion, then you become silent needed.  Because many times you cannot encourage by speaking as much as you do by remaining silent.

6) Avoiding petty quarrels:

 This point is basically about husband/wife relations.  Somebody has said that if you are husband _ _ _ wife and there is no quarrel between you. Then check somewhere whether you are really husband-wife:).  
The matter is funny but true, there is a tussle between husband-wife. Even if you are unmarried, believe it because it is saying a husband;  ). And also understand that these fights have nothing to do with love or arranged marriage, Read Also: Impress a Girl and Make Her Fall in Love with a Boy

But even if they happen. The losses of these small fights are big. 
 A lot of time is wasted in getting angry. And the environment of the house also becomes negative for a long time and during this and our productivity becomes nil.  So if you want to help your spouse in goal achievement, then they can do a very big job.  Read Also: Know People’s Biography

Yes, knowing that you are right and that they are wrong. you can consider it as your fault and you can make the matter right there. 
By doing this the environment of the house will remain positive and it will be very helpful for your goal seeker to achieve the goals. self-development

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