How to impress girls without talking, learn from them

How to impress girls without talking, learn from them

Impress a girl with words: Every girl wants a Prince Charming to come in her life too. Whose eyes it can be lost. Likewise, boys also think that without speaking, the girl reaches their heart. But at first, sight, to make someone your own and to injure them with your looks, this thing seems a bit filmy.

Without talking to the girl, you can make them your fan in the eyes. So what are the things that women do in men? To find out the notice in men, we asked some girls for their opinion. Let’s know what they think about this.

Impress a girl with words Following these tips

Be Attractive

Man’s face in his mirror. Therefore, everyone first considers this. Therefore, attractive boys are the first choice of every girl. This says Ruchi Gupta, who lives in Sector 16B Greater Noida. According to him, the boys who have a muscular body and are well grouped. Such boys attract them.

Ruchi further says that one feels happy about seeing such a boy. So it is not necessary that the boy talks, but such a person leaves a different impression in the crowd. So boys’ looks are very important to them.

Good dressing is also beneficial

Everybody likes to look stylish, in such a situation, if it is about impressing the girl then dressing becomes more special. Girls also believe that if they want to attract them, then it is necessary for boys to wear the perfect dress at the right time.

Neha Sharma, who works in a private bank, says that she sees many boys every day while travelling. But very few boys are such that their eyes are fixed. She says that boys who are in stylish or decent clothes, they are attracted to them. Wants to talk to such boys or make friends.

No Shyness while Eye Contact

Few people have the ability to make someone their own eyes. Therefore, boys who are merely speaking their eyes without talking, girls are more attracted to them. Arpana Srivastava also agrees with this. Arpana, who lives in the Panchsheel Greens 1 society of Greater Noida West, says that boys who maintain eye contact. This gives the girl a hint that she is interested in them.

In such a situation, if you are also noticing them, then soon your friendship can begin. Because the boys who secretly look at the girl, but they start to shame as soon as they see the girl, then the girls lose their confidence.

A smile can be floored

A small smile can also win a stranger’s heart. This is true in impressing girls. Then Radhika Goswami says that the boy who always has a smile on his face impresses him. This shows his soft nature.

Radhika says that the smiling boys do not appear to be roods. It seems that the boy is social. He likes to hang out with people and make friends. That’s why they like seeing these boys.

importance of personality development

Body Language Matters

Priyanka Graver says that when she sees a stranger boy, she first pays attention to her body language. The boy who lives in a rude style. Also meets people with confidence, he likes his attitude.

Such boys seem confident. Also, they have mental power. Such boys also look different in the crowd. So even without talking, they are able to make a place in the girls’ hearts.

Multi-Tasking Ability

Many times, at workplaces, such boys leave their mark, who together perform many tasks with perfection. Seeing them, the girl’s feeling comes with respect. They think how hardworking this boy is.

Anuradha Kashyap, who works in a private company, says that boys who know the art of multi-tasking are obviously different from others. Such boys are also social with work. Only then are they able to present their work better. Therefore, seeing such boys falls in love at first sight.

Give Respect to Female

Every girl likes a boy who respects women. That is why such boys go home in the heart of girls even when they are strangers. Mala Nigam also thinks something similar. Mala, who lives in the Panchsheel Society, says that some time ago a boy was appointed in his office. He was as good at work as he was at behaviour.

Impress a girl with words

Especially the used to respect every girl or woman. He used to talk with respect. For some personal reason, the person may have left the job now, but his attitude touched his heart. That is why they are greatly attracted to boys who respect others, especially girls.

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