How to Make an Unknown Girl Into Your Best Friend

How to Make an Unknown Girl Into Your Best Friend

When a girl has come to live in your neighborhood and by chance, you feel good, but even if you are unable to talk to her, then you start getting upset. Find an excuse to talk to him. Friends also take recourse but talk does not happen. Many times it happens that in the face of being good and talking in front of you, you get yourself caught bad. So if you are thinking of impressing him, do not do anything that makes him feel bad. Here we are telling you some tips which will be helpful for you to increase your friendship. best friend

Try to learn about it from others

Get information about their background. You can find out about this beautiful stranger from people (how not to ask, we know that you are so smart !!). This will give you an idea of ​​her background and will know whether she is single or not! Based on these questions, you will understand whether it would be appropriate to invest your feelings and time on this person. Improve your personality in 10 steps

Change is necessary

When he and you are both in your balcony, after a short period of time, you can give him some signal that you are interested, such as a sweet smile or a silent message by blinking eyes repeatedly. If you are not of a cheerful attitude then you need to bring this change. How to live a happy life essay in a few tips

Social media is a good medium

If both you and they are on Facebook or Instagram, then like their Facebook status and photo. Yes, if you have never talked to them, just like it, do not comment. Commenting a bit becomes a little cheap. After a while, when things start getting better, you can send them a friend request.

Hi, hello

Any conversation should begin with a hello hi. Nowadays, hello has become a word that does not know how many new relationships start in the world.

Place and considerations

If you are willing to talk to a girl next door while sitting in a coffee house, instead of talking here and there, ask her about coffee. Start with a sensible thing, because the first question you ask a girl is very important. Read About Great People’s Biography

pay a compliment

best friend

If the girl does a little interest show in your talk, then understand that your work has started happening. Now is the time to give some praise. Meditation until a girl receives a tonic of appreciation, then the bulb of taxation does not burn in her mind. So light your brain, praise the girl and make her friends. But be reasonable enough not to say anything in the air. best friend

Stay restrained

The more you present yourself and your words in a simple way, the better. If you have found that girl in the bus stand, metro, or any place where there is little hope of seeing her again, then do not ask for the phone number in the first place, but if she stays in the colony, office, you can take the number or meet again Can offer But everything needs to be done with full enthusiasm. best friend

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