How to live a happy life essay in a few tips

How to live a happy life essay in a few tips

Who does not want a happy life? But even today most of us are not happy with our life, they feel that they deserve better than this. And this is also true, everyone is special in themselves and everyone has their own identity. how to live a happy life essay

If you think that your life has become just a burden then, first of all, you should pay attention to change your thinking because negative thinking will never let you move forward.

In today’s post, we are going to tell you the fundamentals of a happy life, which you will never be disappointed after adopting, nor will you ever be unhappy with your luck because you will be able to achieve what you want to do.

1.) Do not compete with others:

We often compare ourselves to others, have they ever compared themselves to you. A successful and happy person never compares himself to others. Because he knows what he is and what he can become.

If you also compare yourself with others and make yourself a part of life, then you can never move forward, so stop comparing yourself with others and recognize your strength and make it stronger.

2.) Your past cannot determine your today and tomorrow.

Most people learn from their mistakes, but why spoil the mistake made today and tomorrow.

If you too are wasting your today after reminding (remembering) past mistakes, then be careful, you will never be able to make your coming happy.

What to do :

The past that was a nightmare that is in front of you is today, give it the best of your best. Your coming tomorrow will be great unless you ignore the present in the past and future thinking, we should live in the present.

Do not waste your time giving your best to what is happening and in the time to come.

3.) Some questions should be left behind and proceeded:

The examination was going on. Aman read the exam paper and got attacked on some questions, there were some questions which were tough and he was thinking the same questions again and again during the whole exam.

As a result, his entire paper was spoiled. He was able to pass barely passable paper when he could do at least 75% paper well.

The only reason is that he got stuck on those questions which he did not know. This is what happens to us in real life. There are some things that are outside your bus for the whole day but still, you keep thinking about them all the time.

The result of this is clearly visible in your remaining works.

What to do :

We should first focus on those things which are easy and should be done in the best way by giving them the best time.

When our easy tasks are over, we have a lot of time left. At that time you either try to solve them with an open mind or leave it.

4.) What do you think about what people think of you:

Today’s mindset has become that we think, wear, or do what other people want. Or whatever our model like an actor, the model looks to us.

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Behind all this, we have become so mad that we have also lost our identity. Of course, even if that suit does not suit you, you wear it because you have seen someone do it all.

Second, today we have become a life of appearances. You start off with what other people say about you. Then even if you forget your own importance for it.

Do you also think 10 times before speaking on any occasion what people would think if I went wrong?

What to do :

We must first get out of this mindset that we are nothing special. Have not stopped speaking on the occasion of change instead, because those of your other friends who are not speaking do not know anything.

If you want to create a special identity, then do not let anyone lose your identity by copying your Ideal.

5.) Everyone’s life and happiness are different:

Do you also console yourself that if I did not succeed in this work, then what happened to me is also true in so many others?

Or if someone is happy with 40% in the exam then you to are happy to see your number. This means that you too have become a part of the crowd.

What to do :

Every person’s happiness is different, everyone’s thinking is different, so start questioning yourself whether you are happy with this work, did you deserve what you got.

You will start feeling changed from the day you start to understand yourself, your needs. how to live a happy life essay

6.) Every injury has ointments near the time:

No matter how much we remember something, every memory starts to fade with time. Because time makes everyone forget. Then why don’t we also give our bad times, bad memories to the times?

Remember, time keeps on changing every moment, if it is bad today, it will be good, so what has passed should be considered as a bad dream and you should insist on making your present good.

7.) There are many secrets hidden in your smile:

Even if you are in bad times, you should keep smiling, because if you do not do this, you will also leave those people who keep claiming to be with you.

So keep smiling, it is like a secret that hides all your troubles.

8.) Do not think excessively:

How many of you are such people who keep extracting thousands of meanings for anything? As if you want to say something to someone and then keep thinking about 10 different results.

As a result, you are unable to do what you want to say or do, your mood worsens, or you are caught in negative thinking.

It is true that before speaking and doing anything one should understand the thinking but not so much that it becomes negative. Today it is found everywhere, due to which stress has become common. how to live a happy life essay

9.) Your mistake is your real experience:

Not every successful person becomes successful in the first or second time. He makes thousands of mistakes and one day becomes special. If you are making mistake on mistake then you are also learning something from them.

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